Meet Raisa Pilar Nse Edjang

Owner and creator of the internationally recognized children's educational coloring book FACES. FACES was created and designed to inspire, educate, and bring awareness of diversity to children. I am currently a resident of San Antonio, TX, but I am originally a native of Equatorial Guinea, a country located in West Central Africa. Equatorial Guinea just so happens to be the only country in Africa where Spanish is their native language. With that, I decided to honor my homeland and make my coloring books in both versions, English and Spanish. With only a year under my belt with FACES, I have successfully published two editions of my coloring books and donated over 150 books to the children in my homeland. My biggest goal is to instill the hunger for knowledge in the kids. I am motivated by growth and the ability to learn everyday and very curious to see where my creative thoughts will take me further down my path. i'd love to give hope to these kids in wanting to learn and for them to have the ability to express their individualism. I also understand that the best investment I could ever give a child is the hunger for knowledge. As far as success, I have always been a believer that obtaining wisdom is the ultimate level of success. To conclude, I am a woman with a goal and many faces to showcase to you all.

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